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Renown, a young home appliance supplier, is located in Yiwu,Zhejiang, china. Renown is very clear on focusing on fine products making and customer satisfactory delivering since found in 2007. Renown has created and developed multiple unique production lines, particularly strong on photo-frame, lap-tray, note board, etc. especially Renown is now becoming one of the leading manufacturers for the MDF quality of photo-frame and lap-tray.

During the last years, renown has been supplying to hundreds of clients from all over the world. All of the clients are very loyal due to renown’s consistent service and reliable quality control, which also gives Renown outstanding reputations and results remarkable market responding. not only does renown own one modern manufacture base with over 300 workers but also has established a sophisticated supplying and logistic system, which provide clients great conveniences. Renown is welcoming any client with equal attitude no matter big or small. We are keen on engaging new markets and i can assure you that your satisfactory is promised.